Audopod infuses abstract elements into a sound object

Combining a number of contemporary products and apparatus, such as audio mini plugs, radio antenna, electrical wiring, tubing and parts of a coffee plunger, designer Chris Callus has come up with a sound object that looks as abstract as it functions. Dubbed “Audopod,” the new sound object includes black, white and metallic components to present a simple color scheme, which we usually see in most recent or the futuristic products.

Using electrical wires to carve spine, antennas to feet and coffee plunger pieces to face, the abstract sound object lies somewhere between a robotic creature and an advanced product. Blending the hums, clicks and tones with breathing-like sounds and subtle squeaks to evoke an illusion of complex mechanisms, the Audopod smartly infuses abstract elements into a sound object.

Via: Chris Callus

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