Check Box piggy bank ensures you spend wisely

You may have seen some of the most innovative piggy banks in the past but the “Check Box” by American designer Elim Cheng is an advanced digital piggy bank that makes saving more fun. Connecting to your computer to send data to the website, the high tech piggy bank lets you check your balance online so you could maintain adequate savings to maintain the desired goals.

All you need to do is login to the website and check your balance. In addition, you can select the products online that you can purchase with the amount available in the box. If you are looking to buy some expensive product, the Check Box lets you know how much more money will you have to save in the days to come. Moreover, you can check your saving history online to compete with friends. Last but not the least; the Check Box connects you with social networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Via: Elim Cheng

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