JuiceBuddy: World’s smallest iPhone charger redefines portability

While iPhone users are usually satisfied with their gadgets’ performance, design and features, its limited battery life, however, keeps haunting them. As they want batteries to measure up iPhone’s capabilities without them having to carry hefty chargers, a portable one is the need of the hour. Creatives at the California-based Pacific Productions have come up with JuiceBuddy, which they claim to be the world’s smallest and most portable iPhone charger. The charger fits on a keyring and works equally well with the iPod Touch.

The robust-looking, cordless charger bundles a pair of foldout prongs, a USB port, a keychain attachment and a 30-pin connector. What users need to do is remove the keychain attachment and connect the USB 2.0 port to their iDevice to charge it. Made from polycarbonate and adorned with white, black, red and polished aluminum finishes, the patent pending device can be yours for $30 at select outlets in the U.S. this August onwards. However, at JuiceBuddy, it will retail for $25 with free shipping.

Watch this video to see how it actually works:

Via: Gizmag

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