Ferrari Speakers add the oomph of F1 to your space

Over the period, Ferrari has become synonymous to the F1; attracting companies to license its brand or logo to enhance the sales of their products. Commissioned by Logic3, one of the largest portable audio and video game accessory companies, designer Steven Burgess has come up with two exciting product ranges, i.e. Scuderia and Cavallino, of portable speakers that looks good to attract audiophiles with quality sound.

While the Scuderia range reflects the competition, speed and technological innovation of the F1 team, on the other, the Cavallino range echoes GT road cars of Ferrari to unite the power and performance with the quality of details.  Developed and refined with inputs from Logic3 and the Ferrari Headquarters in Italy, the new speakers are branded with the internationally desired Ferrari logo, adding the oomph of the F1 to your space.

Via: Steven Burgess

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