Bermuda LED watch resolves the riddle of time for trendy users

The Bermuda Triangle may still be an unsolved riddle for scientists and researchers all over the world, but the “Bermuda LED watch” by South African designer Colby looks good to resolve the riddle of time for the modern users. Inspired by the intrigue of The Bermuda Triangle, crop circles and the classic feel of 1960-1980′s sci-fi movies, the LED watch features an unconventional design and function to attract trendy users.

Using a combination of circles, rings and bars to tell the time or date, the retro futuristic watch responds to all your needs with bright, spinning LEDs. Combining three diverse color styles to attract different users, the Bermuda watch is not only good to look at but also functional in use that virtually has all the answers.

Via: Tokyoflash


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