ONE {DOCK} greets your Apple and Samsung Smartphones equally

Currently Apple and Samsung are possibly the biggest rivals in mobile phone industry, looking to outperform each other with sleek and functional Smartphones. Offering a single slot to charge your Apple iPhone 3G/S, 4 and 5, or Samsung Galaxy SI, SII, SIII or Nexus, designer Jamie Wehbeh has come up with a metal dock that brings the rival cellphone brands closer to each other.

Designed to be customized according to the needs of the user, the ONE {DOCK} can also be as an audio dock or an HD video dock. In addition, you can watch movies and listen to music (HD video out + audio out + USB) by simply attaching an Apple AV cable. Compatible with a standard 30 pin Apple connector, Apple’s new Lightning connector, and Samsung’s micro-USB cable, the ONE{DOCK} can be configured or customized to suit the varying needs of the user.

Made using solid aluminum, which is further bead blast and anodized, like any other Apple product, the utility dock is available in silver and limited edition black color. No matter, if you are using either an Apple or a Samsung cellphone, the dock lets you pick the cable of your choice, together with a USB wall charger for easy charging.

Via: One-Dock

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