Shaped by Time clock rises from ashes to tell time

You may have seen some of the most abstract time pieces in the past, but the “Shaped-by-time” from Studio Toer is a self healing clock that literally comes out of the ashes like a phoenix to take its shape. Moving through the matter to take an organic form, the self-effacing clock keeps altering its shape, with slow and steady movement of time, until it finds a perfect shape.

In initial phase, when the clock start moving or running, it’s hard to read the time due to the asymmetrical shape of the clock, but as soon as the clock gains momentum, it comes out of the matter and takes an appropriate shape to tell the time like your regular clock in the course of the time. And, if you want to take a break from your monotonous routine work, you can slightly shake the clock to start the same process all over again. Measuring 15cm in diameter, the 4.5cm tall clock is available for €79 (around $102).

Via: Core77

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