Puzzle Keyboard lets you arrange keys to your preferences

There are a number of keys on the keyboard that we hardly use while working on our computer, and wish them to keep aside or remove from the keyboard for quick and easy workflow. Addressing the issue, designer Wan Fu Chun has come up with a modular keyboard that the user can arrange according to his/her needs. Hailed as “Puzzle,” the new computer keyboard, as the name indicates, works like a puzzle to allow personalized key arrangements for the ease of use.

Offering better customized interaction with mobile devices, such as a tablet or a Smartphone, the Puzzle Keyboard could be arranged like a remote control while watching a movie or TV show. Moreover, the Puzzle is just ideal for the users recovering from hand or wrist injuries, for they can angle the keyboard for better ergonomics and wrist position. In short, the Puzzle Keyboard simply adds fun element to your work.

[Cheers Wan]


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