3 Search Engines That Are Better Than Google

Search Engines That Are Better Than Google

Google is the preferred search engine for most internet users around the world. Companies looking to generate better search engine optimization results tend to create strategies with Google in mind, and “google” has become a verb, synonymous with doing any search online.

While there is nothing wrong with Google as far as being an efficient search engine goes, many internet users find that there are benefits to using alternatives, including better search results or a stronger sense of online privacy and security. One option on this list even plants a tree for every search that is done using this site! Whatever your reason may be for wanting to use a search engine that isn’t Google, here are 3 of the best options to consider.

1.  DuckDuckGo

Concerned about your private data being sold or otherwise misused? Many people do not consider their online privacy when making a simple search online, but they should! Whether you’re searching for the information you’d prefer to keep private such as medical records with a medical scribe from provider’s choice scribe services or just looking into information about a local business that could signify your location, you might want to think about the importance of keeping your online data private. DuckDuckGo has become a popular search engine in recent years as it does not save your search results and pledges to keep your information and online data completely private and secure.

2.  Ecosia

Ecosia is the world’s first CO2-neutral search engine. So, what does that mean, and why is it important? Ecosia pledges to plant one tree for every search conducted using the site, effectively offsetting the company’s carbon footprint. Search results on Ecosia are accurate since this search engine is powered by Bing, the second most popular search engine in the world. Plus, Ecosia donates 100% of the company’s profits to environmental charities. This is a great option for anyone looking to get away from a major corporation like Google when spending time online, while also doing some good for the planet!

3.  Boardreader

Tired of adding “Reddit” to the end of search results in order to get accurate, real-world information or answers based on first-hand experiences? Try Boardreader, a search engine that filters its search results to include only forums and message boards. These filtered results can even be sorted by posting date and language, to ensure that you are getting the most relevant and up-to-date search results possible.

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