How is Technology changing the Construction Industry?

How is Technology changing the Construction Industry

Technology is modifying our lives at home and at work. It is true about every sector of industry, including construction. In fact, it has brought so many advantages for those who create construction projects and the ones on site. Here are some of the most important technological advancements, today.

Keeping Everyone Updated no Matter Where They are

Construction projects can be directed from afar, nowadays. That is because technology has enabled the possibility for everyone, anywhere, to see the progress of the project, in real-time. That is mainly thanks to time lapse cameras, that transfer photos of the construction site, constantly, at a regular delay in time. It comes with a full software, that gives out all the necessary information on the daily work to those that need it, as well as what has been done before, and even what is to come. Before the advent of such a tool, the industry was still working with spreadsheets, sent through e-mails, which was taking forever to decipher and analyze, and with only a few photos in attachments, to show the progress. Having the best construction time lapse camera with Enlaps, has made real-time visibility a reality in the construction industry. Any company that does not yet work with this new technology, is losing time and wasting money.

A Safer Work Environment thanks to Workwear Technologies

When you work on a construction site, everything around you is a potential danger, including the weather. Whereas before, workers had to wear heavy clothes to protect themselves from the cold, or against getting harmed, nowadays, they can wear clothes made of textiles that are light, close to their bodies, and enable them to move freely. The difference between the two is the capacity to move out of the way of danger rapidly and to keep the energy for the work needing to be done, instead of using it on carrying a large amount of weight, from the clothes on their back. Technology has also made it possible for workers to stay completely dry, from head to toe, with a water-protection treatment. In the coming years, the focus will be on connected clothes, which will be made aware of the danger on site, and will advise the worker immediately on protective measures.

New building Technologies

On a construction site, we now see new tools being deployed, to help the project move faster. 3D printing machines, are one of them. They can build walls much more rapidly than any man. But this machine is only the end result of this wonderful technology. It starts at the very beginning of the project, when the architect starts drawing the plans for the new building. He does so on a special software, that permits him to visualize, in 3D, the work that he is doing. It is the same software that will enable the machine to read the plans that were created, and to transform them into walls, with the 3D printer on site.


Technology will continue to grow, and probably at a faster rate. It is turning the construction industry into a much more efficient one, while helping create international projects, thanks to real-time visibility. The objective of tomorrow is for everyone working on site to be able to receive information as they work, which will prevent having to redo the work later on, by adapting immediately and as the building goes up. After the connection of objects, it will now be the same with humans.

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