Eco-Friendly Electronic Gadgets: Properties, Features, And Uses

Due to excessive industrialization, natural resources are getting more and more endangered by the day. Commercialization is also responsible for depleting many of earth’s natural resources and also contributes considerably to global warming. Which is why, eco-friendly electronic gadgets are coming into being and are a good substitute for gadgets which negatively impacts the earth’s atmosphere.

These gadgets make use of eco-friendly options like solar-powered batteries and materials obtained from trees such as bamboos. They are not only inexpensive, but are also appealing, reliable, and very convenient to use.

Eco-friendly electronic gadgets:

As per the advancements in science and technology,there are many eco-friendly gadgets 2018. Although a few of them may be a little expensive, the return on investment on these cool eco-friendly gadgets is tremendous. Some of the best eco-friendly gadgets 2018 has seen are mentioned below. 

Bamboo iPhone Speaker:


As the name says, Bamboo iPhone speaker is made from a hollow bark of the bamboo tree with suitable slots made in order to amplify the sound from the iPhone. iBamboo, as it is commonly known, works amazingly well for all iPhones and amplifies the sound considerably well and, due to its exclusive features, it has made its way into the world of cool eco-friendly gadgets.

The only drawback of this gadget is that it is known to amplify the mono speaker of iPhones. It does not need electricity, is convenient to carry around, and is one of the most popular eco-friendly gadgets 2018 sports. 

Philips Hue Connective Bulb:

The striking feature of Philips LED bulbs is that they use 80% less power than any other LED bulbs. They come with plenty of features like being able to connect to the Wi-Fi and is controlled by an app on one’s smartphone.

The brightness of individual bulbs can also be set according to one’s preferences. The fact that these bulbs are eco-friendly does not show at all in their performance, and they function just like any other bulb. 

iZen Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard:

This keyboard works like any other Bluetooth keyboard, except that it has an exterior made of bamboo. Since bamboo grows faster and is readily available in nature, it is widely used in many cool eco-friendly gadgets. Also, its natural acoustic tendencies make it an ideal choice in musical instruments and keyboards.

iZen can be connected to any desktop via Bluetooth, and also has a USB rechargeable battery. It is a must-have keyboard since it is not just one of the besteco-friendly electronic gadgets, but also quite trendy and elegant.

Solar Powered Lawn Mower:

Lawn mowers are not just useful but mandatory as well.  A mowed lawn enhances the look of your home like nothing else can. A solar-powered lawn mower is bound to give you plenty of advantages in terms of batteries or electricity.

Although solar powered lawn mowers may be a little on the expensive side, they are definitely worth the investment, and its return is even better. It is nothing but a wise decision to invest in such a solar-powered lawn mower and contribute positively towards global warming. It is one of the trendiest of the few cool eco-friendly gadgets.


Although the above-mentioned devices may not be completely eco-friendly, they are a good start to a demanding process which cannot take place overnight. Using eco-friendly electronic gadgets is an excellent initiative in order to address the increasing issue of global warming.

However, we have a very long way to go before eco-friendly electronic gadgets become part of our lifestyle and create a positive impact on the environment. Until then, atleast at an individual level, we must try to use these gadgets ourselves before we preach about it to the world.

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