Almost every laptop user has a complaint that their laptop doesn’t like them. They become hot with anger when you try to watch series on it. If you really have a problem like this, then it means you are not giving your laptop much space to cool. If your laptop gets hot while running, it may cause serious damage to your beloved gadget. Laptop consists of various parts that are packed in a limited space. All parts get heated due to longer usage. To fix these issues, inventors configured several fans in the laptop to keep all things functioning fluently.

Let’s have a look at the cheap ideas to keep your laptop cool.



    An overheated laptop is absolutely depressing & frustrates when you have to do important assignments. Overheating of the laptop also damages the battery. If you ’are also extremely frustrated and looking for some unique & cheap tricks without spending much then the solution for your problems lies in your breakfast that consists of eggs. Now, you would be thinking how eggs can prevent your laptop from getting heated? Then let me tell you, I’m talking about eggs carton. Yes! Egg cartons are the cheapest and genius alternative to keep your laptop happy and pretty cool. Placing your laptop on vacant egg carton will give enough airflow and when you put your laptop on your legs it will prevent your legs from burning.


    One of the major reasons for an extremely heated laptop is dust present in it. The very first suitable way is to buy compressed air and splash it into the air vents of the laptop. Make sure, your gadget is switched off while you are doing spray over it.  Either you can also use a cotton sponge to clear out all the evident dust or can use pc vacuum to absorb rest particles. One more choice is to unblock your laptop panels and use the air fans directly.  Just be attentive to delicate constituents of the laptop as when you open panels it may also bereave your guarantee assurance. Get your laptop clean and service once every month or in two months also be sufficient.


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    Just be sure your laptop system is up to date and capable to hold an excessive applications and visuals load. This suggestion is just for all time gamers and series viewers. And if your laptop operating system works well then you don’t need to update it again unessentially. The main purpose is to prevent your gadget from an overload of software. Reducing the brightness of laptop screens, concluding irrelevant applications, managing the workload and unplugging pen drives that grab all of the power will also prevent your laptop from heating. Try to change your power plan to decrease your laptop’s performance that can also lessen the overheating affairs.


    If your laptop creates issues while working then let it be idle. Yeah! This is a clear thing that everything and everyone needs rest then why not your laptop? Allow it to cool after working for long hours. You don’t need to turn off the laptop just let it rest just like you also want to sit idle for some moments in your whole day busy schedule. Make sure while not working on the laptop don’t charge it unnecessarily, unplug the charger when the power is full. It will refresh your laptop, improve the performance speed and also strengthen the battery life.

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