How modern tech and gadgets help you stay safe during ridesharing


Sharing a ride to your destination is quickly turning out to be a popular way to get from point A to point B. With any type of travel, comes the importance of being safe and watching out for others around you. Whether you are an Uber driver or a patron, there are many ways to use modern technology and gadgets to help you stay safe during your ride sharing experience. This article will highlight some of the most popular ways to help you safe by using modern tech and gadgets such as a smart phone, GPS, or dash cam.



Sure, you can use your smartphone to order an Uber or a Lyft vehicle to come and pick you up and take you to your destination. You can also use your phone to communicate with others while you are on your Uber ride, or you can take photos and videos if you are feeling unsafe at any point during your journey. In addition to documenting the experience, if at any time during your rideshare experience, you feel unsafe, it is important that it is reported so that others do not have to experience the same trauma that you did. If you need to contact support, it is important to have as much of pertinent information as possible so that it can help them speed up how they handle the complaint. Things such as location of the vehicle, time and date of the ride, and the name of the driver are all helpful tips that will allow the operator to handle the situation in a quick and professional manner.



One of the perks to using a smartphone app to book your Uber driver, is the fact that you can see where the car is coming from and how far away it is. In addition, this means that while you are in the vehicle, the car is being tracked which is a great safety precaution. Another way to be safe is for the driver of the vehicle to be using a GPS system. This is especially important if the driver is unfamiliar with an area that you are going to. A GPS system will help the driver get you to your destination safely and on the best route possible.

Dash Cam


Using a dashcam during a rideshare is not uncommon. If you have ever watched YouTube or scanned through the Chive website, you have likely stumbled upon some hilarious dashcam videos. A dashcam can capture funny moments as well as keep you safe from potential danger. Having a camera on during the time of your rideshare is a significant deterrent to anyone hurting you. Better yet, if something was to happen, such as a crash, the dashcam would capture it all on tape.

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