Add zing to your moves with GroundWave Shadow sneakers

Having told you about the Fretlight learning LED guitar earlier today, it’s time to complement your compositions with some dance now. We’ve specially designed sneakers to do the trick for you. Conceived by industrial designer Tom Sykes, the GroundWave Shadow sneakers may assist those who generally don’t care a fig about beats and thumps at the dance floor, but wish to keep pace with others. By relying on accelerometer, sensors and a smartphone app, these sneakers manage to instill some sense of dance into the otherwise freaky moves of such dancers.

While the accelerometer and sensors keep tracking your feet, the smartphone app syncs with them to create a “direct feedback system for learning and exercise in a fun environment”. Aspiring dancers may watch their moves on their phone screen. GroundWave users may share their scores with others to create their own social network.

With a definite tab on childhood obesity, the designer has created these sneakers for his final year project at Loughborough University Design School. Just a concept as of now, the GroundWaves might not be making any waves anytime soon. As of now, you may watch this video to feed your fancies:

Via: Stuff

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