Fully modified AR-15 Zombie Destroyer is here

Creatives at the Moss Pawn & Guns have conceived (created rather) a zombie killing machine named the AR-15 Zombie Destroyer that comes powered with nine mags (30 rounds) to fend off and slaughter those bloodthirsty creatures. The creators call it a ‘brutal piece of absurdity’, however, to us, it’s a machine with zombie-slaying capabilities as it flaunts muzzle-break, three laser lights, bi-pod, three dot scopes and several tactical flashlights, aside from the mag thing discussed in the beginner, to hammer that last nail in the coffin.

I really can’t help but appreciate the suggestion to keep a safe “distance” or find some “wounded stranger” as a bait. Nonetheless, relying on the guns’ mettle to help you out of the fix might be something too much to ask for, until and unless you are a seasoned sniper. Still, why take risk? I am not sure whether these guys actually intend to push the zombie killing machine down the production lines sometime soon, or is it all to keep just themselves out of harm’s way.

Anyhow, before these people actually make up their mind, watch this video to get the first hand view of the AR-15 Zombie Destroyer:

Via: Geekologie/ObviousWinner

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