TRON BumbleBee Transformer is strikingly awesome

Transformers, the mechanized, reworked models that substantiate our proclivity to master the machines have been around for years. Accordingly, makers around the globe keep suggesting their unique versions, while taking the fanaticism for 2007 live-action film Transformers to newer heights. ANONobot is one such transformer figure that seeks to combine Tron and Bumblebee together.

Created by Ammra, the ANONobot features articulated hands and identity disc, attached using magnets on its back. The profuse use of 3D printing goes simply magnanimous as you could see in images below. A regular BB head sans horns adds more badassness to the whole figure. Without a doubt, the figure looks impressive as it transforms from a car into a bot. What do you say?

Via: ObviousWinner

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