Automatic home security camera for concerned pet owners

While leaving for our offices or some other place, we are often concerned about the security of people and our pets we have at our homes. Now, with Maspro’s automatic home security camera, we can keep a close watch over them. Since the camera can be connected to a smartphone or a PC, users may enjoy the live view mode. Equipped with automatic motion tracking, the home security camera offers 110-degree field of view, thus making it possible to see an entire room.

The megapixel camera comes with digital zoom to help you track your pets’ movements. Aside from allowing you to track pets, the home security camera can also be used to watch over kids and seniors at home. In case you have more than one pet in your home, you may click Change Subject button to focus on the chosen pet. Further, the system helps you to have the first hand info regarding room temperature and sound levels. Priced at US$450, the automatic motion-tracking camera is a must-buy for those who regard security above anything else.

Via: DiginfoTV

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