Stretch alarm clock ensures you start your morning rituals with yoga

In today’s fast-paced world, we often see confused and frazzled faces around us. Mostly owing to busy schedules and ever-growing expectations, their mornings commonly begin with stress. For them, greetings such as ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Have a nice day!’ seem to have actually lost their significance. Targeting such lost souls who actually fear facing a new morning, industrial designer Akshay Udiavar has come up with the Stretch alarm clock that aside from waking them up, insists them to do yoga for dispelling their tensions.

Stretch produces a harmonic flute sound for alarm and keeps buzzing until you’ve actually pulled out a yoga mat, which lies rolled up in the barrel. So, after waking up, when you start your mornings with yoga, you’ll definitely invigorate your inner self for a fruitful day ahead.

For setting an alarm, what a user needs to do is press the SET button on the control panel and select the wake up time by rotating the selection wheel. When it’s time to get up, Stretch would play randomly selected flute music out of its vast database.

An interesting concept, we must say, that should see its realization very soon.


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