ORBIT touch activated computer mouse flaunts smooth curves

Designed by Australian industrial designer Rhys Buttel, the ORBIT computer mouse aims to transform the way we’ve have been using this mandatory computer accessory thus far. Featuring an ergonomic design, the futuristic computer mouse has sensory touch surfaces for carrying out most computer commands. While its top surface is made of translucent plastic, you could notice medium gloss plastic and textured rubbed used in creating its lower body.

The top surface displays a logo that works as an on/off switch. The logo can sense human touch. When a user touches the mouse logo, the logo sensor is activated and consequently, it turns on automatically. When the user removes his hand, the mouse turns off without user having press any buttons. So, it ensures that its battery lasts longer that those used in traditional mice. Moreover, the ORBIT computer mouse features an orange strip, centrally placed on the surface, which acts as mouse scroller.

Nice design, we must say!

[Cheers, Rhys Buttel]

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