After 4 straight days of video gaming, teen ends up in hospital

Just a few days ago, Infinity Ward revealed the 20th title update dubbed Patch 1.20 for Modern Warfare 3 that, aside from providing support for the Elite drops, helps gamers tackle various issues that had been infecting the popular game. Now that’s supposed to make Modern Warfare 3 all the more ‘viral’ – more contagious than sending a 15-year-old to hospital.

Yeah, you read that right. After all, that was bound to happen after a four-day long Xbox gaming marathon that left the Columbus boy severely dehydrated. Tyler Rigby literally collapsed after he locked his room to play an Xbox game – Modern Warfare 3, for four straight days.

Expected to be OK now, but not before medics had to pump his body full of fluids. However, to add to this avid gamer’s dismay, he definitely needs to wait to install the 20th title update and start chasing another record (pun intended).


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