Odor Menu assists blind people to identify food with ease

Most of us can see foodstuff before we finally have it. However, still others (blind people) are there who have to rely on their nasal or touch capabilities to have an idea of what’s served on the table. Accordingly, designers Liu Jie, Wen Ho and Liu Dongming have infused these capabilities into a product design that help visually disabled people to browse their choicest dishes on a menu card with extreme ease.

Dubbed as Odor Menu, the concept menu card utilizes olfactory biochips to simulate various food smells that correspond with a particular dish. Moreover, the pebble shaped menu card with integrated Braille makes it easier to read the menu on an EAP (Electric Active Plastic) screen. When the user presses the Release button, food smells come out of a dedicated Odor outlet on the either bottom sides of the device.

Thus, by relying on food smells originating from a visually appealing menu card and browsing the card through finger touch, users may place orders with maximum ease.



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