KIK Lamp interacts with humans to adjust OLED intensity

Dutch industrial designer Erik Swaagstra seems quite contended with suggesting cool lamp designs that deserve a fleeting look for sure; you can see one of his designs featured here. His latest lamp design, dubbed as KIK, adds a certain element of human interaction to the serene illuminated ambiance. Using non-verbal communication, the kinetic lamp relies on user response to adjust its body language and OLED intensity.

For attesting the effectiveness of the conception, the designer embedded communication behavior in KIK. It’s ability to communicate non-functional messages tends to correlate information about a product state or internal process with users around the contraption. When tested, the KIK lamp successfully conveyed, “Go away! Do not turn me off!”, and users could comprehend the message clearly. Moreover, the technology, when embedded in other household contraptions, could command or suggest human users not to interfere with internal mechanical processes and thus, ensure better functioning of these contraptions.

All a user needs to do is twist the armature and see the lamp interacting. Undeniably, it’s a cool design that should move beyond the concept stage soon.

[Cheers, Erik]

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