Wooden custom arcade stick controllers for avid gamers

With ebay wooing gamers with steampunk inspired Xbox controller and Microsoft nearing the release of its Halo 4 Xbox 360 console and controller, the quest for custom-built jazzy gaming gear has inspired creators and developers to design and create some tremendous gaming gear in recent times. Just to keep the ball rolling, folks at Creative Circuits have launched two custom-built arcade stick controllers that flaunt profuse use of study oak and exotic woods through their creation.

Both arcade sticks feature custom buttons to help gamers satiate their gaming penchant. Compatible with your Xbox 360, PS3 or even PC, the arcade stick controllers with wooden exterior do well on the eco front as well. Fifteen feet worth of cable is there to let you move freely. While the custom oak sanwa arcade stick costs $340, the custom exotic wood arcade stick is priced at $390 only (?). Anyhow, if you are seriously craving for laying your hands on either of them, go for it before someone else grabs your share of gaming fun.

Via: Walyou/OTLGaming

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