iPhone nano watch concept awaits realization…

Not contented with sizable (not exactly) iDevices at our disposal, our proclivity for slashing those presumably superfluous ounces and adding more functionality has increased over the years. Having iPhone in your pocket seems so very conventional – I mean everyone uses it that way. However, giving it a wristy turn this time, designer Olivier Demangel has come up with his depiction of iPhone nano watch. Apart from flaunting webcam functionality, the most advanced phone-watch may include a speakerphone – only if this concept is ever realized.

Considering the limited space available on its screen, you might see it relying on Apple Siri voice assistant to help you call your contacts. Its Retina Display (trans-reflective LCD display rather) uses sunlight to increase the screen brightness and hence, readability as well. When it’s dim and you need more light to see content on its screen, iPhone nano utilizes a small back light. The concept miniature phone is supposed to have much needed features like microphone, micro-USB, etc.

Watch this video to see iPhone nano concept watch in action:

Via: MacObserver

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