Maccabees create hacktastic music video using Kinect cameras

The ever-growing Kinect community has gone beyond hacktstic measures in recent years. Just to blow our minds with sheer ingenuity, developers, hackers and artists keep suggesting various hacks each day. Now this time around, directors Jamie Roberts and Will Hanke are working with an Xbox Kinect rig to shoot a 15-minute video for music video site Vevo.


The rig, designed by visual artist and coder James Alliban after doing rigorous R&D, employs ten Kinect cameras that record angles and visuals to perceivable perfection. However, considering low definition Kinect cameras, the captured video recording involves random distortions.


The Maccabees duo will create a full 3D model of the band’s performance, which includes three songs, at a warehouse in East London. For doing that, hackers will send recorded video to Autodesk Maya – a 3D animation software – for adding supplementary effects. They will focus on capturing data to procure a perfect 3D model. Animator Jamie Child will later apply visual effects to the 3D model.


Have a look at the gallery that embraces the first test frames from 18 July shoot:

Via: Wired


Maccabees create hacktastic music video using Kinect cameras

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