Light L16, A camera born to replace the DSLR

Better photography with minimum equipment is the idea behind the L16 camera. Co-founder of Light, Rajiv Laroia calls it a “silent revolution.”

The idea

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It is not possible for all photography lovers to carry their DSLR everywhere. Rajiv Laroia, being a photography enthusiast observed that he had to use his phone to take pictures a lot of times, simply because it was with him. Dave Grannan and Rajiv Laroia came together to develop a camera that was efficient, small and reliable. They found the company called Light and developed a camera with 16 lens integrated into one piece of equipment and named it –L16.

The experience

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The user of the L16 will not have to bother about carrying different camera lens to a vacation or a concert. Until now, the people at a concert would try to click pictures using their phone and would be unpleased with the results, majority of the times. When the user will shoot something with the L16, ten lenses will fire at the same time. The user can finally combine the results and get the best image quality, with a resolution of up to 50 megapixels.

The design

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The best part is the size of the camera that is close to the form factor of a phone. The user can pinch zoom with easy on the 5” screen and make selections easily. The rear or the shooting face of the camera has 17 circle windows, 16 lenses and an Infra Red sensor. The body of the camera is majestic black to suit all surroundings and be in fashion forever.

The technical part  

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We are going to point out the features in a layman language, so no need to worry. It must be clear by now that the L16 is built to replace the DSLR. The image is captured at multiple focal lengths by the various lenses that come in to action on a click. There are six 150mm modules, five 70mm and five 35 mm modules, which use a technology called folded optics, that makes the camera a compact one. The user can edit the image in the camera and share it form the camera using the inbuilt Wi-Fi feature. Yes, of course the camera allows the users to make movies up to 4k.

Would you be prefer to carry a DSLR with various lens or just a single camera that fits in your pocket, to an event? The ‘multi-eyed’ L16 will spin some heads too.

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