Chinese Puzzle Balls: Intricately awesome good luck charms

Anything that goes beyond the ordinary gradually transpires into something of a universal symbol of cool; what you see above is a live specimen of it. The Chinese puzzle balls have been providing enough reason for tickling the fancies of avid home décor seekers. The concentric spheres involve exhaustive creative strokes over 3 to 7 layered matrix to force anyone to think about the patience and precision involved in creating any of these.

Made from synthetic ivory, wood, resin, jade and other materials, each Chinese puzzle ball has several holes toward its center. When you dip into one, you may realize how tricky it would have been for Chinese masters to rotate a solid ball on a lathe, drill holes, separate the innermost ball, and finally throw in all their expertise to carve the exterior shell and adorn it with dragon and phoenix shapes. The hand carved pieces had to be meticulously handled to avoid the slightest impact to fragile inner layers.

Correctly billed as mystery balls, these works of art often denote good luck charms. Other annotations may include four compass directions or association with our yin and yang.

Via: OddityCentral

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