Unreal Engine 4 can now be Played on Xbox One and PS 4

Shifting Game Platforms is Hard

Games are available for a lot of platforms but they aren’t easy to play. Also, some games are available on some platforms while they are not available on other platforms. For instance, some games can be played on the Mac while they cannot be played on the Xbox or Android. A lot of games cannot be played on the Xbox but do a wonderful job on the PC. It isn’t easy to make games available for all platforms. All the more so, if it is an MMORPG. It gets all the more difficult with them. Moreover, it isn’t easy to move a game from iOS to Android or from Xbox one to PlayStation 4.


Technical and Coding Difficulties are Involved

There are a lot of technical difficulties involved with it. A lot of coding goes into these things. One has to change the button prompts in order to get the settings right. One has to understand the operating system in order to change the button prompts. It takes quite a while before all of this is done. It isn’t easy to set up a game that has build on 1 operating system for another operating system. It is by no means an easy task. A lot of hard-work goes into it. It becomes necessary to even change the control systems of the game. For instance, games meant for windows will work through the keyboard but not those that are meant for iOS and Android.


Difficulties need to be taken into Consideration

Thus, one has to take into consideration the controls of the game before setting it up for another operating system. It takes a great deal of effort to do all of this. Moreover, the codes for the scores that show up will also change. Thus, one can roughly say that the entire coding of the game changes when it has to be shifted to a different operating system. Thus, one will also have to change the code for the logos and the animation if the entire system of the game is changed. The same thing happened in case of highly popular game Unreal Engine 4. Yes, it was moved from Xbox One to Play station but it took a lot of time and effort to do the same.

However, finally Unreal Engine 4 or UE 4 as it is popularly called made its way to PS 4 and can now reach out to a larger number of gamers. Obviously, the controls for both platforms are different.

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