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Sticky tapes! Have you ever wondered how important sticky tapes are in our life, starting from every small projects at school to big projects in the office? They virtually surround us everywhere, from home to office, from gift-wrapping to pasting things on the walls, fridges or boards! Tapes can come up with a number of uses from decorating your scrapbook to wrapping packages. Nevertheless, since there is no creativeness in the same old clear transparent plastic material, we now have Imprinter to help us out of this quandary – a limitation rather.

Imprinter is a very innovative creation to offer a creative touch to the tapes while you work with them. The device is a specialized printer that allows you to print customized tape with every color pattern you want. The random beautiful pattern gives a personal touch of creativity to your packing or wrapping materials. Just use your smartphone or computer and choose a wide beautiful pattern, then hook it up with the Imprinter as it comes with a USB port.

Imprinter catches the image and prints it exactly on the specially designed Quirky Tapes that are up to 50 mm wide. The printing is absolutely flawless and clear with no irregular color patterns. The printer uses the Zero ink technology that prints quickly and dries in no time. So you don’t have to wait for the device to print the tapes and let the ink dry, thus making it very convenient to work with even in offices.

Once the tape is printed, the whole of it is rolled back to make the process easier than it was ever. It also offers a handy serrated edge that makes the tape easier to work. It doesn’t matter whether you want to add something extra to your decorations or maybe require sturdy tapes for your shipments, the device provides you the best quality décor tapes with a personal touch. The printer dimension is 77mm H x 159mm W x 67mm D and the tape size ranges from 15mm to 50 mm wide.

So, all you have to do is provide the details about the kind of tapes you would require, the customized design and decoration and these décor tapes would be ready to use!

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