5 Most Awesome Smart Watches


Gone are the days when watches used to tell you only time because 21st century smart watches do a lot more than just telling time. Here is a list of five most amazing smart watches that might take some of your precious time to admire.

Fossil MetaWatch

In the field of smart watches, the Fossil Metawatch surely tops the list as it totally lacks any nerd factor that generally kills the appeal of smart watches. This Metawatch remains connected to your smart phone, keeps on delivering bits of information and allows you to figure out if it is necessary to take out your smartphone from your pocket. This will provide a great benefit to the customers as most people often have to keep on checking for new emails and as a result have to take out their phone every time anticipating new mails but owning a metawatch will surely solve this problem.

Sony LiveView

It is not only a watch; it is also a player with wearable displays. This Liveview watch can connect itself with your smartphone wirelessly and can keep providing you important information on recent updates. Moreover, you can also successfully run Android 2.0 in this watch and install compatible apps available in the Android market.

I’m watch

This smart watch can be costly and depending on the choice of your options and material, the price can get as high as $21,000. This watch can connect to an iPhone, BlackBerry, android and devices of Windows Phone 7. You can run Android 1.6 here and communicate with your smartphone with the help of the Bluetooth. Besides this, i’m watch can also help you in getting access to multiple apps like the stocks, weather, calls, appointments, emails, message preview and many other notifications.

iPod Nano

This watch from Apple isn’t exactly a smart watch officially but it is what we can call a multitouch iPod Nano. Besides telling you the time with its built-in clock apps, this small watch-cum-MP3 player also allows you to gain access to music, FM radio, pedometer, timer, photos along with many other functions.

inPulse BlackBerry Watch

This inPluse watch from BlackBerry is designed exclusive to help you work with your smartphone. It is equipped with performing various functions like providing you with Blackberry notifications, power-point control, i-tunes control and various other watch apps. This watch can also connect itself wirelessly with Android smartphones and also to laptops installed with Windows, OSX or Ubuntu.

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