Automated Feeder lets you feed and monitor your fish via Smartphone

Automated Feeder for Aquariums

Aquariums may make your home lively, but you cannot leave pets (within) alone, and go out for a long business tour or vacation, for they need special care and regular feeding, forcing you to stay around your home.  Addressing the issue Singapore-based designer Mark Sim has come up with an automated feeder with a wireless IP camera to ease the lives of the fish-lovers who have to travel frequently for their work.

Users can monitor their fish live through an integrated camera that you can tilt to your preference and activate the feeding function of the aquarium using their Smartphones. In addition, the automated fish-feeder features customized feeding trays, so you could feed different fish with specific foods. With automated feeder, now you can monitor and feed your pets within the aquarium even when you are away from home.

[Cheers Mark]

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