Transparent tablet to add precision to future computing

tranparent tablet by Ricardo Luis Monteiro Afonso_01

Last week we saw a transparent mobile phone from Taiwan firm Polytron Technologies, which they plan to release by the end of this year, now we have a see-through tablet by artist Ricardo Luis Monteiro Afonso that might add some kind of precision to future computing. Featuring a sleek and highly futuristic design, the iPad concept seems to integrate working sections at the opaque top or bottom of parts of the device.

Providing enough space to house all electronics and battery (of course, scaled down) within two compact opaque spaces at the top and bottom, the “futuristic tablet concept based on the Apple iPad,” as the designer calls it, may look too good to be real at the moment but with the influx of transparent displays in recent technology or electronic shows, the transparent iPad doesn’t appear to be a far-fetched dream.

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