Stocker, Arduino Stock Market Tracking Lamp to monitor your investments

Stocker – Arduino Stock Market Tracking Lamp_03

Don’t have enough time to check the price of your stocks throughout the day, check out the “Arduino Stock Market Tracking Lamp” by Ali Reza Kohani that illuminates a LED light to let you know if your share is performing good or below par in the stock market.  Called the “Stocker,” the LED lamp tracks your share and changes its color according to the performance of the stock, so you could book the profit on your share without wasting any time.

All you need to do is download the desktop application and enter a stock to receive the market updates, every minute with changing colors of the lamps, to plan your investments in a better way. Featuring the cover finished in acrylic, shaped into an arc, with a bubbly texture, the Stocker lamp can be controlled via Processing and Firmata and makes use of Google API to receive the data of the stock market. When your stock surpasses the selling price, the USB lamp glows green to indicate profit, and when it falls down the selling price, it turns red to point out danger.

Via: Hackaday


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