magsee iPhone glasses magnifies text for better visibility

magsee iPhone glasses

Considering the fact that about 60% users require a reading aid to go through the text on relatively small screens of their mobile devices, need for some magnifying devices, to see up close, has been belt more than ever before. Have a look at the new iPhone glasses by Habitco that magnifies on portable handsets to ensure better visibility. Hailed as “magsee,” the creative iPhone accessory looks like a pair of reading glasses that instead of your face slides on your iPhone to read the text without pinching or scrolling the screen. Cool, isn’t it!

Integrating 4x magnifying lens to expand the text and images magnificently so you could enjoy your iPhones with ease, the magsee is compatible with the iPhone 4, 4s or 5. All you need to do is place the iPhone magnifier on your iPhone and slide it freely up and down to see the text or images clearly with minimum fuss. Easy to attach or detach, the creative glasses will be available in white, black, and blue colors. Measuring 67.2 x 32.6 x 25.76 mm in dimension, the magsee is expected to reach the market by June 2013 for about $30.

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