CataCombo Sound System casket to keep you entertained till eternity

CataCombo Sound System casket

Life on the earth is mortal, but music is immortal that will keep entertaining music aficionados till eternity. Intended towards diehard music lovers who love to listen to music wherever they go, Swedish company Pause has come up with a musical casket called the “CataCombo Sound System” that will play their favorite, as well as latest, tracks to keep them entertained even after they kick the bucket.

Integrating a pair of two-way speakers, together with an eight-inch subwoofer, to deliver crystal clear sound, the casket sound system also includes a music server, embedded in the grave marker, to display the playlist on an LCD screen. In addition, friends and family members can update the playlist through Spotify, as the server connects to a website with a 4G link, to keep the departed soul informed about the gen-next music.  Priced at $31,000, the musical coffin doesn’t seem to attract many buyers, for it’ll take hell lot of life to gather this hefty amount.

Via: Dvice

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