CES 2013: uChai offers a reclining position to work on your computer


People usually feel strain in neck and shoulder while working on their regular workstations. Addressing the issue, Chinese firm uChair Technologies has come up with a unique piece of furniture that allows a relaxed position to work effortlessly on your system. Essentially a recliner with a split keyboard fixed in either armrest, the uChair lets you recline in comfort with an adjustable headrest, as you type comfortably on the split keyboard.

Ideal for users suffering from lower back aches, the ergonomic chair includes an articulated bracket to hold your portable gadgets, laptop or tablet, at a comfortable height to work freely.  Offering space for a mouse on the right armrest, the reclining workstation integrates a footrest with switches to customize functions of the keyboard. Displayed at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, the $699 uChair will be available in the US and China this summer.


Via: Cnet

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