Skate Radio Redux adds fun and safety to skating on busy streets

Skate Radio Redux_01

Skaters usually wear headphones while hitting the streets, which restricts the horn sound of vehicles and makes skating a bit dangerous on busy streets. Providing a solution, designer James Yarger has come up with a Boombox dubbed the “Skate Radio Redux” that makes skating safe on busy roads while playing your favorite music. Inspired by the portable radio designed for the budding skate culture of the 1980’s, “Roller Radio,” the latest Boombox features a slot to elegantly place your iPhone and let you play your favorite music loud on the streets, thanks to the built-in speakers at both ends.

Users can control different functions, like volume and playlist, of the Boombox easily with their iPhone.  Presenting an ergonomic and curvaceous design to allow better grip while moving through packed streets, the Skate Radio Redux has simply revived the 1980’s era when skaters move with a Boombox on their shoulders.


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