CES 2013: Open Ear Bluetooth headphones to enhance your acoustic experience

AfterShokz Bluez_02

Performance, comfort and safety are possibly the most important aspects that one consider while purchasing headphones to enjoy clutter free acoustics. Combining the performance of Bluetooth wireless connectivity with the comfort and safety of open ear bone conduction technology, AfterShokz Bluez is an open ear wireless headphones makes use of bone conduction technology to deliver sound through the cheekbones to the inner ear, allowing users to make and receive calls without interrupting their music and connection to the outer world.

Sitting comfortably in front of the ears to allow a stereophonic sound experience to listeners, the Bluetooth headphones is built around one-piece warparound headband, which is not only ergonomic and stable but also presents an elegant yet simple design.  The AfterShokz Bluez is extremely comfortable and stable, even when you use it for longer duration, thanks to the lightweight and open ear design.  Scheduled to be launched in January at CES 2013, the AfterShokz Bluez can be can pre-order for $100 from the company’s website.

Via: Engadget

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