Carbon Fiber Surfboard integrates a LCD panel to play multimedia files

Carbon Fiber Surfboard_01

What else one can do with a surfboard, apart from surfing on high waves in a sea. Have a look at the “Carbon Fiber Surfboard” by Randy Moruzzi that integrates a multimedia LCD flat panel to play music and video files, while displaying a clock and a calendar. Measuring 40 x 11.5″ (LW) in dimensions, the hollow carbon fiber surfboard features a touchscreen picture frame with a remote control to change the settings from a distance.

In addition, users can attach external speakers to the surfboard to amplify its sound. Integrating a slot for a thumb drive, the rear of the surfboard is designed to remove the digital frame with ease, while keeping the unit cool. If you want to give it a brighter look, the surfboards can also be carved out of a 2 x 2 “silver carbon fiber.”

Via: Kickstarter

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