Qii rollable keyboard turns your Smartphone into a computer

You may access internet on your Smartphone, but you can never enjoy the freedom of vast controls of a computer on the touchscreen of your mobile phone. Designed to enhance your computing experience on your mobile phone, the “Qii” is a compact, mobile keyboard that you can roll like a sheet to slip into your pocket within no time. Based on a flexible touch sensor that turns any surface into a functional user interface for your devices, the portable keyboard turns your Smartphone into an efficient pocket computer.

Connecting wirelessly to your Smartphone or tablet, the QWERTY computer keyboard lets you type virtually on any surface with ease. Featuring an anti fingerprint coating for a clean and textured surface, the ultra thin and flexible keyboard is water and dirt resistant that you can easily wash with soap and water. Featuring the body finished in a flexible transparent electronic film, the bendable keyboard makes use of a radical touch sensing technology, capable of sensing both position and force, to present a programmable touch surface in a compact size.

Via: Indiegogo

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