PhoneJoy Play, turning your Smartphone into a gaming console

You may download any game from the internet on your Smartphone, but it can better be enjoyed only on a gaming console. For, the console presents a better grip and thus controls, so you could fully enjoy the game. Designed by Martin Kessler, the “PhoneJoy Play” is an innovative controller that stretches to transform your Smartphone, of any size, into an ergonomic gaming console to enjoy your favorite games.

Featuring a compact design, the PhoneJoy Play expands to fit in your Smartphone, turning it into a gaming console for better controls on the go. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and other Android Smartphones, the standalone controller perfectly fits into your hands to ensure better performance. Working with PCs running Mac OS X and Windows, together with Linux or by connecting your phone/tablet to your HDTV or projector, the compact gamepad is truly a functional accessory that is sure to enhance your gaming experience.

Via: Kickstarter

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