TurtleJacket PentaEye turns your iPhone5 into a hi-tech camera

Growing popularity of iPhone has enticed a number of manufacturers to develop different add-ons to enhance its looks as well as functions. Adding to the bandwagon, Turtleback has come up with a lens attachment for the iPhone 5 called the “TurtleJacket PentaEye” that adds four extra lenses, including a 0.33x fish eye lens, a 0.7x wide lens, a 1.5x tele lens and a close-up lens, to enhance the experience of the user. If four lenses are not enough to curb your creed for photography, a fifth aperture in the wheel lets you click with the iPhone 5’s lens as well.

You can reveal a 37-mm lens mount by detaching the dial of the PentaEye and connect a number of enhanced lenses to click quality pictures on the go, while two incorporated tripod mounts and strap holder makes it popular among professional photographers as well. Weighing around 105 g (3.7 oz), the TurtleJacket PentaEye can be ordered from Turtleback for $268.

Via: Gizmag

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