Droplet pendant watch doubles as fashion accessory for ladies

Drawing inspiration from curvaceous design of 3D objects and the technology behind the Kisai Rogue, American designer Heather has come up with a pendant watch that becomes a fashion accessory for trendy ladies. Hailed as “Droplet,” the pendant watch hangs around the neck elegantly with a long chain so the user could turn it around and see the time with ease.

Featuring a larger marking inside for hours, smaller marking outside for five minute group and four single minutes around the perimeter, the fashionable pendant watch tells time like a regular analog watch. Though the Droplet is essentially designed for ladies, but it could be turned into a pocket watch for men, with a thick masculine chain, as well. Available in different colors, such as blood, water, honey, love potion and liquid luck, the pendant watch could well be a true fashion accessory for ladies of the future.

Via: Tokyo Flash

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