Gadget Jackets virtually let you wear your precious devices

Gadgets are fast becoming an integral part of modern life and you cannot imagine life without gadgets even when you are on the go. But carrying an additional bag or backpack with you all the time, to protect your precious gadgets, sometimes becomes a matter of concern even for the most avid gadget users. Addressing the issue industrial designer Federico Rios has designed a series of jackets that let the user carry different devices without the need of extra sleeves or bags.

Developed in collaboration with Nick Hagelin, the jackets elegantly hide the storage pockets to go with the latest trends in the fashion industry. The creative project comprises six fully finished jackets, each presenting distinctive characteristics, which not only offers adequate space to carry a variety of gadgets with ease but also attracts different users. The Gadget Jackets project was awarded an Undergraduate Research Grant from Carnegie Mellon University.

Via: Federico Rios

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