Dress that lights up to show your Twitter fan following

After getting the Twitter alerts or tweets on your mobile gadgets, what could possibly be the best way to show your Twitter fan following to the world? May be your dress, after all it’s the matter of courting your diehard fans.  A London based interactive fashion design agency, Cute Circuit, has designed a dazzling haute couture dress that lit up to score Tweets sent in by fans in real time.

Worn by the X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger at the launch of EE, the new 4G mobile network, at Battersea Power Station, the UK’s first ever Twitter dress was the center of attraction at the event. Stitched from 8 meters of the finest French silk chiffon, the hi-tech dress includes over 500 Swarovski crystals and over 2,000 LED lights that blaze to provide real time twitter alerts. The 34-year-old star also rocked the occasion with a number of her popular hits.

Via: Dailymail

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