Dyskograf turntable makes music more tangible

We may have entered the digital world, but turntables letting the users play with their music are still popular among music enthusiasts. Developed by arts collective Avoka, the “Dyskograf” is a creative music installation that makes use of a magic marker to create music on a paper disk. Looking more like a turntable, the unit replaces vinyl records with a blank surface to draw black marks and play sound samples.

Consists of a turntable with normal speed and playback settings, the Dyskograf sans stylus for a graphic disk reader to allow draw your own beats in real time, while making music more tangible. The Dyskograf will be on display as part of Festival Visiosonic in Paris on November 16 and 17. Till then you may check out the video after the jump.

Via: Hackaday/ Gizmag

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