Helix Bluetooth speaker to compliment your portable music player

With more and more users looking for compact accessories to compliment their portable music players, produced in bulk in past few years, need for some highly flexible speaker docks or wireless speakers have been felt more than ever before. Offering a solution, Quirky has come up with a Bluetooth speaker called the “Helix” that presents a flexible inner core to wrap it around the wrist like a bracelet for effortless transportation and ease of use.

Featuring the rubber coated body with waterproof textile to wrap it around virtually everything, like a showerhead or backpack; the Helix integrates anodized aluminum speakers at both ends. Measuring 270 x 50mm (LW) in dimensions, the portable speaker can easily be controlled with a Bluetooth device. In addition, the wireless speaker can be used as a stand to dock your mobile phone.

Via: Quirky

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