Hop suitcase follows the user at airports and stations

People often forget their suitcase or baggage while boarding or deboarding a plane, or a train for that matter, in a hurry. Providing a solution, here is an innovative suitcase that follows you, in case you left it in the airport or a railway station. Dubbed “Hop,” the intelligent suitcase includes three different receivers to obtain, recognize and triangulate signals coming from the mobile phone of the user. The hopping suitcase also includes a microcontroller to read signals, which also controls a caterpillar system with compressed air to remain at a particular distance to the user.

In case, the user looses the signal, the suitcase locks itself and alerts the user by vibrating his/her cellphone. Moreover, you can program the suitcase to be controlled by other users. Featuring simple lines a highly functional design, the Hop suitcase is just ideal for the disabled users, as it’ll assist them in airports and railway stations and make their travel hassle free.

Via: Jamesdysonaward


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