OTO dual dock to nestle your digital gadgets elegantly

With digital gadgets becoming an essential part of our day-to-day life, we need highly functional accessories to sustain our digital life. Conceived by Spanish designer Alvaro Ares, the OTO is a multifunctional docking station to nestle and juice up your Smartphones and tablets in the most elegant manner.  Measuring 160 x 60 x 60 mm in dimensions, the utility dock presents an attractive and minimalist design.

Integrating a Bluetooth sound system with speakerphone, the dual docking station can charge your Smartphone and tablet simultaneously and offers over 60 hours of battery life. Featuring a microSD slot to synchronize and store photos and files, the elegant dock includes a 6000 mAh external battery for your Smartphones and other USB gadgets.

Connecting your Smartphone and tablet to a monitor through miniHDMI connector, the dock lets you watch movies, play online games on a big screen. Moreover, you can connect your digital camera and other mobile devices to the dock, through USB and microUSB slots, to share pictures and other data with your friends.

[Cheers Alvaro]

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