O2 Halo bracelet ensures you never miss a single call

While carrying your phone in a bag through your daily excursions, at a nightclub, mall or a crowded place or while traveling, you might often fail to notice it ringing or vibrating. The same thing happens when you have your phone on charge in an unoccupied room or you (men especially) are carry it in your denims’ side pockets. Designed by product designer Nick Chubb, the O2 Halo bracelet ensures that you don’t miss a single call while being at any such places or in any such situations. The concept bracelet when placed over wrist starts glowing and vibrating when your phone rings.

The concept bracelet makes use of Class II Bluetooth to offer a 10m connection range – more than sufficient to help you stay connected even when you’re charging your phone in a different room. Just to ensure that the glow is visible enough, it uses a 2mm OLED strip cloaked inside the stainless steel body.

The bracelet contains a battery that powers itself by wireless induction charging. For charging it, what a user needs to do is plug the wireless induction charging dock into the wall socket or use any standard phone charger. As the bracelet starts accumulating charge, a stem of light on the dock starts filling which is very much visible to users. When fully charged the branded cap ends of the bracelet start glowing. A three hours recharge keeps O2 Halo bracelet running for 70 hrs on standby.

The concept design finished 2nd place in the 02 Future Mobile Communications Competition 2009. Nick was awarded the Certificate of Merit for the same.

[Cheers, Nick]


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